Flyer Writing Tips

Can't afford even $50 for the Flyer Writer? That's okay! Here are some tips from a professional copywriter telling how you can create a more-effective flyer.

Write a headline with a hook!

You've got two seconds or less to grab attention. Your flyer headline must immediately hook prospective customers by answering their unspoken question, "what's in it for me?"

Your business name is rarely your best hook. Before anyone cares about who you are, they must want what you do.

Focus on customer benefits.

Flyer copy should use the reader's self-interest to promote your product or service. If possible, show the benefit visually. For example, before-and-after pictures are especially good at communicating benefits.

Set yourself apart.

Tell what makes you different and better, by giving one really good reason why someone should do business with you instead of one of your competitors.

Keep it short.

For best results, flyers should have just enough information to attract interest and inquiries. Try to limit your main copy block to no more than 100 words. If you can limit your flyer copy to fewer than 50 words, that's even better. This paragraph is 50 words.

Give it all you've got.

Your flyer should include lists of other benefits, uses, or service offerings. One may be the trigger for a call.

Check your spelling.

Misspelled words reduce your credibility. Even people who are not good spellers will sense that something "doesn't look right" about your flyer, and toss it away.

Close your flyer with an offer.

Always ask for the sale. And, give potential customers an incentive to act quickly. That incentive could be a free estimate, a limited-time special offer or coupon, or a reminder of urgency.

Be a frequent flyer.

Frequency is essential in all forms of advertising. For best results, you should deliver your flyer at least three times to each household.

Also, keep several of your latest flyers and thumbtacks in your cars, so whenever you see a community bulletin board you can post your flyers immediately. I prefer flat thumbtacks to pushpins because they're easier to carry but harder to pull out, making them less likely to be repurposed by less-prepared people posting their flyers.

If you post your flyers, check and replace them regularly to make sure they're always visible and in good condition.

Distribute your flyer right.

Look for pockets of potential customers, especially in areas where you already have customers. Place your flyer on the doormat, hang it from the doorknob, or slip it into the screen door. It's illegal to use the mailbox. If you must fold or roll up your flyer, make sure your headline shows.

If you're tossing your flyer onto the driveway (usually in a small plastic bag weighted with pebbles), distribute them very early so people can pick them up with their morning newspapers. Also, make sure your headline "hook" is visible no matter how the flyer lands.

If you use a flyer distribution service, confirm distribution yourself either in person, or by calling friends or relatives in the target area to make sure your flyer was delivered.

Hire the Flyer Writer!

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