Flyer Writing Samples

A flyer should look good and work great. After all, the thing that separates an ordinary business expense from a smart business investment, is results. And, the thing that separates a nice-looking flyer from an effective one, is copywriting.

Flyer for a concrete contractor
This flyer for a concrete contractor brought in thousands of dollars in business the very first weekend it was distributed.

Flyer for a self-defense course
This flyer template for a self-defense course left room for the dates and times to be filled in before copying. It was posted on bulletin boards at community centers, libraries, and school campuses, as well as being used as a take-away flyer at rec centers. Classes regularly filled up.

Flyer for a home inspection company
This flyer for a home inspection company was distributed at upper-end apartment houses as well as at homebuying fairs. Each time it was used, the company enjoyed a massive increase in inquiries and appointments.

NOTE: I am an expert at writing highly effective flyer copy, but I am not a designer.